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“I have been utterly impressed with Hope Is Alive Ministries. Lance Lang and his team have created an environment and culture of accountability, celebration, teamwork, faith sprinkled with some heuristic life skills that prepare residents for a life of lasting success and holistic recovery.”

Scott Williams, Author, Speaker, CEO


World Series Champion Darryl Strawberry

“I’ve personally seen the results of the Hope is Alive Program and let me tell you, I was very impressed!”

Darryl Strawberry, 4 Time World Series Champ



“Hope is Alive is transforming lives and bringing real hope to individuals and families impacted by addiction. I am a HUGE fan!”

Mike Foster, Founder of People of the Second Chance

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“I’ve seen the impact and success HIA has had on the lives of recovering addicts. What they provide is critical and the they are making is HUGE. I’m proud to support them!”

Sean Sutton, Former OSU Men's Basketball Coach


“I’ve known Lance Lang for a number of years and appreciate his commitment to helping others and making a difference through Hope is Alive Ministries. The work they are doing is needed and the work they are doing is outstanding!”

Todd Lamb, Oklahoma Lt. Governor


“Oklahoma is in desperate need of the program Hope is Alive provides to men and woman. I’ve seen their homes in person and spoken to their management and I’m honored to give them my full endorsement!”

Steve Largent, NFL Hall of Famer, Former US Congressman


“NO ONE does recovery like HIA. Their steps of ‘doing life’ produce positive, lasting change by starting with Jesus and continuing on daily by helping others start with Jesus. I am proud to call HIA part of my family.”

Ashley Smith Robinson, Atlanta's Hostage Hero


Everywhere in this age, people are either trapped by various addictions or have folks in their circle that are. At First Baptist, we have wanted to help, but did not know how to be strategic in doing so. HOPE IS ALIVE was an avenue to do that. Lance Lang's personal journey and passion to help men is a Godsend. He offers pragmatic principles to those who desire to live free "indeed" by overcoming the hold of addictions through accountability and actively pursuing a dependency on Jesus Christ and that is Why I support Hope is Alive!

— Nick Garland, Pastor First Baptist Broken Arrow

Matthew Jewel (Resident, 2013)

Hope really is alive at the Hope is Alive house. The friendships and accountability have been key to my recovery. And to be honest I do not know where I would be at without the house. First let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Matthew Thomas Jewell I am 35 years old and I am a drug addict and alcoholic. I came from a very good family we may not have been the richest but the one thing we have an abundance of is love. But even with the benefits of a great family and a good upbringing I never felt "right". I began to drink and use drugs at fifteen which began the downward spiral that lasted nearly twenty years and wound up costing me everything. I was homeless, jobless, and friendless. I was physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt. And then things got worse. I found myself robbing and stealing to get that next high. Eventually I wound up in prison and although my family was upset at me being incarcerated they were relieved that I was alive and they knew where I was at.

Upon release from prison my family took me back in where upon I began the same things I was doing before I went to prison. I could not stop. My probation officer finally asked me to take a drug test and of course I failed. This was the beginning of the end. I was told to either get sober or go back to prison for the remainder of my time. Seven years. This is where the miracle starts. I went home and asked God to show me what to do and He began to put a series of events in motion the culminated with the man that writes this today. I went to treatment and was helped along the path to sobriety for the first three months there. Upon completion I was asked to stay on as support staff which I did and began attending meetings and working with a sponsor. After three month I left and had no idea where to go or what to do.

That is when I remembered Lance and the similarities with both shared being pastors kids. I gave Lance a call and he told me about the house and said I should pray about it ask my sponsor and parents. He said if they all were in agreement and I still wanted to come then "let’s do this”! Within three or four hours I went from a time of need to a safe environment. It was another miracle. The Hope is Alive house has been extremely important to my sobriety. The camaraderie, accountability and overall growth it has bestowed is astonishing. Whether it’s going out to eat, going to AA meetings, having meetings at the house, going to the movies or just sitting on the couch talking about our faith. The Hope is Alive house has been wonderful. Where else can you have six-eight guys living together that all have the same goals? Personal spiritual and family growth. All the growth that has happened to me in the last twelve months the Hope is Alive house has played a huge role. By giving me a safe, warm and welcoming place to feel free to grow. The Hope is Alive house is not just a house, IT'S A HOME!

Chelsi Brown (Wife of a Resident, 2015)

My heart is filled with gratitude as I think of Hope is Alive because of the opportunities it has provided my family.  Just a short year ago my family was facing devastation, loss, separation, and brokenness, all rooted in the severely destructive disease of Addiction.  Today we can say we are filled with HOPE, RESTORATION, and JOY because of the LOVE and FORGIVENESS we find through the second chance my husband received through Hope is Alive.

It is extremely encouraging to see him being equipped daily with the tools to live a sober life within safe boundaries, unconditional love, continued education regarding addiction, a community of accountability, emotional discipline, and above all, spiritual guidance and wisdom.  Since he has been in the house, I’ve had the privilege of watching him grow leaps and bounds spiritually, emotionally, and physically, which brings a joy in him I have never seen before now.  Sobriety is all over him, and it’s undeniable.  One of my greatest joys in witnessing this organization at work is seeing one young man taken in, but a multitude of lives changed as a result.  Not only is my husband changing and re-shaping his own life, but he now has the opportunity and ability to touch so many others, including myself and our daughter.

I wish I could personally thank each and every person who gives to this organization; because they gave, we are truly a family changed forever.  Thank you Hope is Alive for the major role you’ve played, and continue to play, in the restoration of our family.

Mike Gayman (Resident, 2014 - 2015)

Before I lived in the Hope is Alive house I was a drug addict who had absolutely no direction in his life. All I did was leave a path of destruction behind me everywhere I went. It was impossible to have any healthy relationships and I had lost so much! As many of us addicts do I had fallen from my faith and didn’t know how to get it back.  So needless to say when I came to HIA I was broken, hopeless, a shell of a man.

But today, my story is not the same! Today I am happy to say that the person I just described no longer exists! Today I have a strong recovery program, I have tools to help me in different seasons of life, I have a strong and healthy relationship with my family and most important I have a strong faith back in God. All of these aspects of my life have been taught strengthened and improved through what I learned during my time at Hope is Alive.

Without Hope is Alive helping me when I needed it most, none of this would have happened!  I am so thankful!

Mark & Becky Fugett (Parents of a Resident, 2013 - 2015)

HOPE IS ALIVE !!!! What an awesome program! There are not enough words that can be said that would express the gratitude we have for Lance Lang and HIA!!! We are thankful first and foremost to God for taking us through this battle, a battle tougher than fighting cancer, never leaving our side and allowing doors to be opened for our son to be a part of this terrific program. We have seen amazing changes in our son spiritually, physically and financially.

During the phase of addiction many fence posts get knocked out of the family fence. Hope is Alive also works with the families of the addicts addressing all issues between the family and the addict so they can get that fence built back. To us this is and was an important part of our sons and our family’s recovery process.

Our son is well on his way over 3 years clean and we are claiming infinity years ahead of sobriety. Thanks be to God for allowing our son to cross paths with HIA and Lance Lang to sum it up in one word PRICELESS!!!

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For each resident that comes through the Hope is Alive Mentoring Program there is a powerful story of life-change that follows them. Here are two of those stories.

Garrett's Story

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