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CDT Internship

Radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those who love them.

Hope is Alive Community Development Intern

The Hope is Alive Internship Program is an opportunity for individuals to gain a deep understanding of the HIA Culture and Values, while also developing spiritually, personally, and professionally.

You will have the opportunity to:

.Receive hands on teaching from the entire HIA Team
.Be assigned a mentor who will oversee your entire internship, pouring into you and building you up
.Get up close & personal experience watching how a ministry operates
.Ask questions, seek advice & grow in areas you desire to work in
.Take part in learning and developmental opportunities that include events for HIA Team members and learning sessions, with the founders and other organizational leaders.
.Hands on learning daily from all of the HIA Team. You will be a part of the entire organization! Everyone will play an active role in your development as a Hope is Alive Intern.
.Attendance at all HIA Staff Meetings, Team Days and All-Staff Retreats!
.Attend 6 private teaching sessions with Lance and Ally.
.Attend 6 private leadership lessons from HIA Team Members.

Type of Internship:

Community Development Internship: Responsible for on-boarding volunteers, community engagement, facilitating church partnerships, fundraising & corporate partnerships.

What is it?

.3 month paid internship in Oklahoma City.
.30 hours weekly.
.Full rent compensation plus $150 per week.

What is required?

.Relocation to Oklahoma City.
.At least 6 months of sobriety.
.Full attendance at all required HIA events.

What you will leave with:

.Full understanding of HIA Culture and Values.
.Firm grasp of what it is like working for HIA.
.Sharpened skill sets in your chosen area.
.Professional experience that will bolster your future resume.
.Unmatched opportunities for growth and experience.
.A deeper understanding of who you are as a person, while developing a more focused vision & purpose for your life.


An internship is not a guarantee of future employment with HIA. However, this program will prepare you holistically for future opportunities within the organization. In addition, your internship can be extended for up to 3 months at a time, if mutually agreed upon by both HIA & intern (YOU). If at anytime you do not keep up with your own HIA Program (as a resident) you can be asked to leave the internship program.

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