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Creative Director

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Creative Director Job Description

The role of Creative Director at Hope is Alive serves as the point of creative and marketing expertise, strategy, training and development within Hope is Alive. The Creative Director will drive HIA media and community communication efforts and have a primary responsibility of building the Hope is Alive brand and maintaining a positive image for our organization. This position creates, oversees and executes all media, advertising promotional strategy including: implementation and writing of press releases, digital marketing, public service announcements, and videos. Coordination of all media/publicity efforts for Hope is Alive, being the primary media and communications contact, and content creation are all core job functions. This role will also see you leading an established Media Team.
The Creative Director uses excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work with & oversee the Media Team to develop a robust digital marketing strategy and expand the network, content and scope of influence. Will also be responsible to maintain and develop metrics to track effectiveness, growth, usage, awareness and the overall digital marketing strategy. Media placement, coordinating graphic design, layout, writing, editing, maintaining all marketing and promotional pieces and multimedia projects are within the daily responsibilities of this position.
This is a full-time, Monday-Friday position, based in our Central Office located in Oklahoma City. Our organization does have occasional off-site events that might require additional time on nights and weekends.

The Basics:

.Write, develop, execute and oversee a comprehensive Marketing/PR plan for the organization.
.Develop strategies and tactics to convey the organization’s message and drive qualified traffic to Hope is Alive.
.Deploy successful marketing campaigns from ideation to execution – utilizing a variety of organic and paid acquisition strategies.
.Lead creative planning process for organization’s advertising campaigns, events and programs such as the Sobriety Sprint, Fundraisers or HIA Online. Serve as the organization’s liaison with external advertising agencies.
.Manage all online content for Hope is Alive website and assist in managing/maintaining Hope is Alive website. This includes overseeing online analytics and reporting for websites, and implementing online advertising campaigns.
.Responsible for all social media activity, including developing and scheduling content, running promotional campaigns, and managing analytics and reporting.
.Coordinate graphic design, layout, writing, editing and multimedia projects. Position is responsible for maintaining all marketing and promotional pieces for the organization.
.Creating and managing Hope is Alive e-newsletters.

What is Required:

.Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
.Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
.Ability to multi-task and manage time effectively to meet deadlines while remaining flexible and open to change.
.Ability to work in and contribute to a strong team environment while working on big strategy plans as well as day-to-day tasks
.An attention to detail to continually assess organizational needs.
.Strong computer skills and ability to use existing technology to achieve desired results.
.Familiarity with Google suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, etc.)
.Understanding of social media.
.Web infrastructure and web development experience/ability.
.Ability to take initiative, self-motivated and able to work independently while responding well under pressure with strict time limits.
.Self-direction and autonomy working in an unstructured environment.
.Knowledge of nonprofit promotional strategies and working within a budget.
.Ability to think both creatively and strategically that deliver measurable results and meet objectives.

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