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Finding Hope Leader Training

Radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those who love them.

What to Expect

During Finding Hope Leader Training, you will discover the standards, expectations, curriculum and goals of a Finding Hope Support Group.

You will learn:
●  How to get the class started
●  Where to find participants
●  How to work with a local church
●  How to promote the class
●  How to answer the tough questions and facilitate healthy discussions

If you have a desire to work with other loved ones affected by addiction and you’re curious about starting your own support group, then sign up for Leader Training today!

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Finding Hope Beliefs

●  We believe addiction is a disease
●  We believe in the power of community
●  We believe in the power of prayer
●  We believe recovery is possible for the whole family
●  We believe there is HOPE
●  We believe in the power of replacing old, negative behaviors with healthy new behaviors
●  We believe you must feel to heal
●  We believe in acting as Hope Dealers

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About Finding Hope

Finding Hope was created for loved ones of addicts to find education, inspiration and a community of support. Click below to learn more.

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