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17M Goal

Healing from addiction begins right here

Welcome to HIA Healing Center

Hope is Alive’s Healing Center is a miracle in the making, a foundational facility that will help heal the broken, rescue the lost, and radically change lives. What happens on this hallowed ground will shake the heavens and restore families on this earth for generations to come.

This is a place where men—and eventually women—caught in the throes of addiction will be able to take their first steps on a lifelong journey of sobriety, establishing crucial rhythms as they bid farewell to their old life. This is a place where people can escape the crushing weight and neverending churn of addiction, where they can feel the first rays of hope illuminate their souls.

This is a place of fresh starts and full hearts. Of deliverance and discovery. Of hope and healing.

This is where it begins.

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A space set apart


HIA’s Healing Center is housed on a spacious 75 acres only minutes northwest of Oklahoma City. The beautifully modern central home will welcome our residents from day one with the warm embrace of hospitality, while the surrounding grounds provide plenty of room for reflection, rejuvenation, and growth.

In addition to the Healing Center’s capacity to house 25 men during their first 45 days of sobriety, there’s also a host of other amenities, including a central island for special spiritual reflection and two barns planned for future equine therapy use.

And this is just the beginning of what we have in mind for the HIA Healing Center. We’re just beginning.

Hope is Alive is unapologetically Christian, deeply rooted in faith, and committed to guiding addicts into a personal relationship with Jesus. This is our biggest difference: our approach lies in developing a radical, customized rhythm focused entirely on Jesus.

We are, after all, a Healing Center, and we know Jesus is the Ultimate Healer.

HIA guides and encourages all our residents, both in the Healing Center and later on in our sober mentoring homes, to actively engage in scripture study, weekly church services, and community groups. Neither the journey to sobriety nor the journey of faith should be undertaken alone.

Jesus makes all the difference in the world


The Location

Close yet secluded, HIA’s Healing Center lies just northeast of Oklahoma City, only a 20-minute drive from the Hope is Alive central office. This opens the best of both worlds: easy access from the city while remaining separated from the omnipresent buzz of our hectic modern world. Plus, its proximity to the Turner Turnpike opens up convenient travel from Northeast Oklahoma.

Phase 1

  • Remodel Existing Home
  • Remodel Barn to Multi-Purpose Building
  • Build Road

Phase 2

  • Men’s Home

Phase 3

  • Chapel
  • Recreational Area
  • Land Development

Phase 4

  • Retreat Center
  • Two Homes
  • Clubhouse

Phase 5

  • Women’s Center
  • Two Homes

Our Mission

To Radically Change the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that love them.