HIA Rule Sheet

General Rules:
1. No use of drugs or alcohol anywhere or anytime at the house. Smoking is allowed in designated areas. Clients agree to random drug, alcohol and steroid testing.

2. No pornography or gambling on your phone, TV, tablet, iPad or any other electronic device. HIA reserves the right for staff to search these items at any time.

3. No physical, verbal abuse or threat of violence or intimidation.

4. Curfew is 10:00 PM for the first 30 days, 11:00 after that. However, 10:00 is always preferable. Anything beyond 11:00 PM needs to be approved by a Program Manager or House Manager.

5. Only approved men/women are allowed to visit the house. These men/women are NOT allowed in bedrooms, and all men/women visiting the house must be gone by 9:00 PM.

6. If the Client has been in an abusive relationship, the location of Hope HQ shall not be divulged to the abuser or anyone the abuser knows.

7. All Clients are required to have employment. If you do not have a job you are required to attend 2 meetings a day. In addition, 3 job applications must be completed every day while you are unemployed.

8. Clients agree that no over the counter drugs or workout supplements will be utilized without the approval of Program Manager.

9. Client is financially responsible for any damage they or their guests have caused to the facility or its contents.

10. No stealing will be tolerated. This includes food, belongings, etc. Client will respect the privacy and property of other Clients and neighbors.

11. No parking in front of neighbor’s homes at any time. A parking guide will be provided upon check-in.

12. Clients should be modest in dress and appearance. Do not walk outside in only underwear. That is grounds for dismissal. In addition, appropriate dress (no cutoffs, no gym clothes, no crop tops) is required when Sunday speakers and guests are present.

13. Language should be polite and lacking in vulgarity. Cussing is strongly discouraged.

14. Housekeeping Responsibilities: You will be assigned a monthly chore to complete before the HIA Meeting each Sunday night. Yard chores will be assigned occasionally. Work days will be scheduled and all clients will be expected to willingly participate. Once a month deep cleaning is required on the first Sunday of every month.

15. No dishes left in the sink, no cups or plates left out at any time. If the dishwasher is full then run it or empty it. Under no circumstances should the sink have plates or cups in it.

16. Personal area: Bed made, clothes properly put away, and bathroom left clean at all times.

17. Common areas: Are to be kept clean and neat at all times, with any items, including those used for eating, cooking, crafts, housecleaning, etc., being cleaned and put away immediately following use.

18. Overnight privileges may be granted but must be approved by the COO of Hope Is Alive Ministries (Allyson Lang).

19. All requirements listed on the Hope Is Alive Requirement list will be completed.

20. All loud music should be turned off as you enter the neighborhood, no exceptions.

Financial Responsibilities:
Move-in cost $750.00

Move-in cost includes a $250 non-refundable cleaning fee and $500.00 for the first month’s rent.

Move in cost is due upon check in.

Rent due on the first of each month $600.00

Consequences and Liability:
Failure to abide by rules can result in immediate expulsion. Hope is Alive Ministries and its mentors or members are not responsible for any negative action or injury to a client whatsoever, under any circumstance.

There are no refunds of any monies paid back at any time for any reason.

If you are asked to leave due to a failure to follow the rules you will be
asked to leave the premises within 1 hour.

Additionally if any property or belongings are not fully removed from the HIA
homes, HIA does reserve the right to dispose of them properly.

Any misrepresentation of material facts will result in immediate expulsion from the house, with no refunds.

Hope is Alive Ministries is not responsible for loss or damage to property belonging to the Client.

Additionally you are strongly suggested to purchase your own renter’s insurance.