Ski trip

Tuesday, February 20th - Sunday February 25th

Requirements to go:

  • 6 Months of Sobriety by the day of the trip
  • Must be in Phase 2
  • Approval by HIA PM
  • Trip paid in full by February 13th
  • Caught up on all AND back-rent paid. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Total Cost due to HIA: $250
  • Deposit of $150 due by February 2nd
  • Payment in full due by February 13th

What this includes:

  • Lodging (details below)
  • All meals and snacks (stuff to make lunches for the slopes)

What this does NOT include:

  • All Rentals & lift tickets
  • Anything you might purchase on the way out, on the mountain, or on the way back
  • Hot Springs Day pass / Spa Day
  • Gas for travel up and back
  • Any other expeditions, adventures, or tours
  • Snow gear – goggles, snow pants, gloves, helmet, thermos if you need/want them, snow jacket, snow socks
  • Caffeine/nicotine¬†

Things to keep in mind

Do you plan on skiing or snowboarding?

Do you plan on driving?

If you have a 4-wheel drive, we would love for you to drive. All gas will be covered by passengers.