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Living in a trailer with no floor and no heat or air.

Hope is Alive is more than just a drug and alcohol recovery program, HIA is a CULTURE. At HIA residents experience physical restoration, financial freedom and restored relationships. One of the pillars of our resident culture code (the code we live by) is “We live next level radically changed lives.” Kansas City house manager Evan Chaudoin is an example of what radical life change can look like.  When asked what radical life change means to him Chaudoin said “living free, I’m not bound by any of the things I used to be a slave to.”

Evan’s story is similar to many of the residents that live out the HIA culture every day.

After being prescribed Adderall in his teens Evan quickly progressed to using methamphetamine. After years of abusing drugs and alcohol, Evan was lost and desperate for something different. “I was pretty much homeless living in a trailer with no floor and no heat or air,” Chaudoin said. “I had been distant from God for years, but I was so hopeless that I cried out to Him one night and finally asked for help.” Evan had been applying to various treatment facilities across the state and the next day he received a call from Clays Crossing about an open bed.

While at Clays Crossing, Oklahoma City Program Manager Riley Hancock brought a meeting to the guys one evening. ”I really connected with Riley and I wanted what he had, so I reached out to Hope is Alive to see what it was about,” said Chaudoin.

After entering the program Evan immersed himself in the HIA culture, became a leader in his home, and was eventually chosen to be a house manager. At a special Sunday Night gathering in July, HIA staff announced the opening of their newest home in Kansas City. “They announced that they were looking for people to move and as soon as they announced it I felt a calling to go and be a part of it.” Chaudoin said.

Evan is looking forward to the challenges he will face in HIA’s new market and can’t wait to show Kansas City what Hope is Alive is all about. “I hope to gain a sense of how to build relationships with the community. This will give me an opportunity to be intentional about instilling the culture of HIA in the community and really get hands on with it,” Chaudoin said. “When you have a purpose or a goal behind something, then what you do doesn’t go in vain.”

Another part of the HIA Resident Culture Code says, “We give back what was given to us”. This is something that Evan takes very seriously. “We do all these things, we take care of our business so we can help someone else, it’s not just about me anymore. I’m able to help other people now and support them through their journey,” Chaudoin said

A popular saying at Hope is Alive is that they turn “residents to presidents”, and Evan’s story is one of many examples of what this type of radical life change looks like. When asked what HIA has meant to him Evan said “HIA has meant my life, without this program I wouldn’t be where I’m at, I would still be using or close to ending it all. I have restored relationships with my family, with God, and I have friendships now that will last forever. This program has shown me how to live my life unabashedly. I have no regrets with who I am today nor am I ashamed of my past anymore.”

Evan is extremely grateful for HIA and the miracles he gets to witness every day in this program. “I have already gotten more than I ever thought I would out of this program.” Chaudoin said. “Like Lance says all the time, Gods got this and the best is yet to come.”