I’m sober now what?

That question crosses the mind of every addict early in recovery. Hope is Alive sets out to provide the tools necessary for you to properly answer that question. Through a unique holistic approach that emphasizes community and action, you will be provided the opportunity to build a firm foundation that will guide you throughout the rest of your life.

Hope is Alive provides you a specialized program focusing on these key areas:

  • Spirituality Growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Group / Community Service Work
  • Intentional Mentoring
  • Life Skills Training

Weekly/Monthly Program:

  • Participant will attend at least 3 meetings a week
    • Sunday Night Hope is Alive Meeting at the "W" at 6:30pm
    • Wednesday “Midweek” Meeting at the “W” at 7:00pm
    • Saturday required women’s only AA Meeting
  • Participant will be actively involved in a local church
  • Participant will meet with the HIA Program Manager or Director at least once a month
  • Participant will take part in arranged monthly meetings with an intentional mentor provided by Hope is Alive.
  • Once per month, the participant will attend a Mentor / Speaker Night setup by Hope is Alive. This special evening will provide the men a unique opportunity to hear a talk from a mentor in the community. Dinner with the speaker will follow the talk, allowing for one on one time with the mentor for each participant.

Additional Program Activities:

  • Participant will attend leadership and personal growth conferences and seminars.
  • Exciting travel opportunities will be afforded the group. (Skiing, Golf, Camping, Fishing)

Financial Commitment:

  • Move-in Cost – $750 – Cost includes $250 non-refundable cleaning fee and covers the first month.
  • Monthly Rent – $600 – Rent is due the 1st of every month.

Download the resources:

Application Form