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Hope Is Alive helps us at Quail Springs Baptist Church talk about the addictions that are gripping our friends, families, and community. Our HIA partnership provides hope through resources and content that is meaningful and gets people to a next step. HIA shines hope as a true ally in rebuilding lives. I am so thankful to Lance Lang and our HIA ministry partnership.

Ray Griffin

Executive Pastor, Quail Springs Baptist Church

At Surrey Hills Baptist Church we strive to be a city of refuge for those in need. I love our partnership with HIA, it allows us to invest in the lives of many who we would not otherwise be able to reach without the help of HIA. Our partnership with HIA give us the ability to offer recovery in a community setting, to offer resources that are practical in nature and to assist in the spiritual renewal of our friends. Bottom line, HIA helps us fulfill our mission in Christ.

Dr. Wendell Lang

Pastor, Surrey Hills Baptist Church

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma is thrilled to be partnering with Hope is Alive Ministries to offer relief, resources, and referral services to our churches throughout the state. Hope is Alive Ministries has provided hope and help to thousands of Oklahomans, so now our member churches will have a trustworthy and experienced go-to resource for all their congregants’ addiction-related needs.

Dr. Anthony Jordan

Executive Director / Treasurer, BGCO

City Pres fully supports and loves Lance Lang and Hope Is Alive. We live in a world that needs hope, love, forgiveness and restoration. Lance is real about those very things and how they’re found in Christ and in community. We love working with Lance. He is a true friend.

Doug Serven

Pastor, City Pres

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Why should you partner with HIA

Addiction is the epidemic of our generation. It’s affecting nearly every family in this state. It does not discriminate by social class, spiritual depth, income level, job title or denominational background. Furthermore, no age group, race or gender is immune.

As you can see from the statistics below we are fighting an uphill battle.

When you choose to partner with Hope is Alive Ministries you’re choosing to give HOPE to the hopeless, you’re choosing to provide resources to those families who have no idea where to turn and you are choosing to celebrate with those who have found their way to sobriety!

Who will benefit by partnering with HIA?

ALL of your congregation – As noted, this illness has no bounds. It can take hold in anyone and it affects the entire family unit once it has taken root. From the children to the grandparents, all will be touched. The members of your church, big and small, metro to rural, traditional to contemporary are all struggling with this destructive issues. They ALL need help, hope and someone to guide them along this pathway to peace. HIA is here to bridge the gap between the church and the practical and therapeutic help that can be found in the recovery community. By partnering with HIA you can trust that your members will be handled with care and referred to the best possible solution for their specific issue.

Senior Pastor – By providing him a trustworthy resource to lean on and the knowledge that his staff members are receiving support and training, he can feel confident that he is doing all he can to proactively minister to his flock.

Support Staff – The support staff often receives the brunt of these types of calls. The desperate parent wondering what to do with their child or the wife uncovering a sexual addiction, it’s the support pastors who have to wade into these dark and uncertain waters. A partnership with HIA Ministries will provide your pastoral team the confidence that they are not entering into these waters alone.

How the HIA Partnership works

The local church has a responsibility to strengthen and serve its members. Through a partnership with HIA Ministries, you can immediately begin offering a ministry that will serve the families and individuals in your congregation who are in desperate need of strengthening. When the members of your church find themselves in need of professional help that is beyond your level of expertise, you can trust that HIA will be there to guide you and direct those in need to the appropriate resources, facility or organization.

By in large, most church staffs are not equipped to handle the needs of a person trapped tightly in the grips of addiction. But by partnering with HIA, you can provide a solution to a problem that you would typically not have an answer to.

A partnership with HIA Ministries has broad reaching effects. Offloading enormous pressures from your church staff while simultaneously offering hope to your congregants.

It is clear we are under attack. People are suffering and they need help. By partnering with HIA Ministries you can provide your members the help they need.

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