Our Program

Our next level, holistic Mentoring Program puts all the pieces back together. We believe in beautiful homes, full time staff, structure and friendships that last a lifetime.

The Commitment



per month


18 months

average program completion


3 Phases

to radical life change

What to expect

Expect to have your life radically changed with your decision to move into our Mentoring Homes. You will be met at the door and welcomed with open arms! The first few weeks you will have an “In-House Buddy” who will be there to care for you and walk with you through life at HIA. Our full time, dedicated Program Staff are in the homes everyday to ensure a leader is always a walk into the living room away.

We believe in a strong, structured and fun environment to ensure long term sobriety. We facilitate radical life change, one day at a time, in our crazy beautiful homes. We will meet you where you are, unpack all the baggage of the past and guide you to a life you never thought was possible.

  • Our homes are structured with two on-site house managers, who meet a plethora of requirements, and a Program Manager who is a full time staff member to oversee each home.
  • Our Three Phase Program facilitates complete life change with our unique approach that offers substance abuse recovery and complete emotional sobriety.
  • Our Residents receive one-of-a-kind experiences at HIA, including: telling your story in front of hundreds, meeting people you never thought possible and enjoying trips with your brothers and sisters at HIA.

Buckle up and get ready to make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!

What to bring

Our homes are fully furnished with just about everything you can think of! From pots and pans to paper towels, we’ve got it all. Here are a few things that we figured you would rather pick out yourself:

  • Bible
  • Food and Drinks (non-alcoholic) of your choice
  • Hangers
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Towels
  • Personal Bathroom Supplies
  • Personal Clothing for a Month


  • Will I get my own room?

The majority of the rooms in our homes have two beds.

  • Do I have to stay 18 months?

Our program is tailored to your unique needs and can be completed in a year to 18 months.

  • How often will I be drug tested?

Our Residents are drug tested with 16 panel, top of the line drug tests upon move in and continue to be tested consistently and randomly throughout their stay at HIA.

  • Do you have a 12 step focused program?

We do, in your first 90 days we ask you attend 90 AA or similar meetings and work the 12 steps with a sponsor within the first six months.

  • How much space will I have in the home?

Our rooms come with a bed, all new bedding, dresser, nightstand and lamp. Depending on the house, you will have about 4 feet of hanging space and a three to four drawer dresser. In the kitchen, all space is clearly defined for each Resident.

  • Do I have to work while at HIA?

Yes, we ask that you get a full time job within the first three weeks of moving into an HIA Mentoring Home.

  • What are the required meetings each week?

We have three required meetings a week at HIA. HIA Sunday Night Meeting, HIA Wednesday Night Meeting and a Saturday AA Meeting. All HIA Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.