Resident Video Participant

Well isn’t this exciting!? Thank you so much for showing interest in coming on camera for the next Hope is Alive event. For many of the guests attending these events, this is their first glimpse into what HIA actually is! Before filling out the form below, please read over a few guidelines in regard to being an HIA event video participant. 

Your Story is what matters!

Who would have thought that one day we would have the chance to share our story on camera for so many to see? Embrace that! Your story is what has brought you this far, and you never know who might need to hear it. It is no exaggeration to say that your story could save a life!

Just be You!

If you are selected to be in an HIA video, it’s because our team wants YOU! Not who you think you need to be…just you! As stated above, your story is what matters! Enjoy the moment and remember that there are no wrong answers when it comes to your story of redemption and Radical Life Change! 

Enjoy the moment!

For some of us, being on camera can be a tad nerve-racking. Remember that FUN IS REQUIRED at HIA! Enjoy yourself and enjoy knowing that this video will help pave the way for many more individuals like yourself to find Radical Life Change!

Please fill out the form below

PLEASE NOTE! If you are selected to film a video, there is no guarantee it will be shown at an upcoming HIA event. Hope is Alive will reserve the right to use said video for any other purpose if they feel it is necessary. 

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Max. file size: 50 MB.