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About Lance Lang

In April of 2013, just two years into his sobriety, Lance Lang released his first book and launched the organization Hope is Alive Ministries. Since then he has become a trusted voice in the recovery community. His books are used in treatment facilities all across the United States and he is known as a captivating story teller who inspires hope in all he encounters. Over the past few years Lance has focused specifically on growing his online presence in hopes of helping more people find their second chance. Through his website www.LanceLang.com you can now share in his success and be given the opportunity to market your facility or organization directly to those families who are searching for help.

“When families are in the midst of troubling times and are searching for help, they lean heavily on the suggestions of someone they trust.”

Lance Lang






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About Hope Is Alive

In November of 2012 Hope is Alive Ministries was founded. Since that time the organization has experienced tremendous growth. They currently operate three mentoring homes for men in Oklahoma City and serve as a beacon of hope for families across the country that are affected by addiction and other life changing problems. Their events reach thousands of people each year and their online and social presence has become a trusted resource for people looking for answers.

  • HIA Ministries is the exclusive addiction resource partner of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
  • In 2014 HIA Ministries provided over 500 referrals to outside organizations

“The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma is thrilled to be partnering with Hope is Alive Ministries to offer relief, resources, and referral services to our churches throughout the state.  Hope is Alive Ministries has provided hope and help to thousands of Oklahomans, so now our member churches will have a trustworthy and experienced go-to resource for all their congregants’ addiction-related needs.”

Dr. Anthony Jordan, Executive Director / Treasurer, BGCO



The demographic of people coming to both www. LanceLang.com & www.HopeisAlive.net are specifically those looking for hope and help. If you represent and organization in the following fields you will find great value promoting your business with us.

  • Counseling Services
  • Treatment Centers
  • Interventionists
  • Homeless and Indignant Facilities
  • Support Group
  • Parenting Help
  • Sober Living
  • Adolescent Facilities

Our visitors are primarily made up of families affected by addiction and mental health disorders including the following:

  • Chemical Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Sexual & Pornography Addiction
  • Compulsive Behaviors
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Eating Disorders
  • Cutting and Self Harm


www.LanceLang.com www.HopeIsAlive.net
Avg Monthly Visitors 20,000 10,000
Pageviews Per Month 4.5 8.0
Time on site 3:47 17:47


There are 3 ways you can choose to promote your business or organization on our sites.

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Promote your business on our Trusted Resource page


What do you get:

  • Big & Bold Linked Logo
  • Specific Placement In Your Specific Industry Sector
  • Website URL
  • One paragraph description of your organization

$250 for 1 Year or $400 for 2 Years

Selection Process: Not anyone can become a Trusted Resource, we take pride in only promoting and working with organizations that provide quality care, who have stellar reputations and have proven results. Before being selected your organization will be vetted and a personal phone call with Lance will be required. In addition, depending upon what type of package you've selected, an onsite visit might be required.


Select a specific advertising package


  • Ad placement anchored on the front page of both sites under Featured Resource for one month.
  • Sidebar rotating ad on LL’s Blog Page for 6 months.
  • One post on LL’s Blog covering your facility.
  • Social Media Pushes from both LL & HIA that highlight your organization as the Trusted Resource of the month on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  • Sidebar rotating ad on Blog Page for 6 months.

BASIC: $150

  • Sidebar rotating ad on Blog Page for 3 months.

LL = www.LanceLang.com
HIA = www.HopeisAlive.net


Take Advantage of our Specialty Features

Blog posts: Each post will be a minimum of 500 words, include 2 images selected by the advertiser, be edited by HIA staff and will be included in the profile of the organization on Trusted Resources page.

  • Interview with key staff member - $250
  • Facility Tour - $500 plus travel expenses
  • Interview with successful client - $250
  • Guest Post from one of your staff members - $250

Remember you can't help people find hope if they don’t know you exist. We look forward to helping you connect with clients that need what only out have! For more information about advertising on www.LanceLang.com or www.HopeisAlive.net please contact [email protected].