The HIA “Secret Sauce”

The past few weeks have sure been special around the HIA Mentoring Homes. It seems our residents are taking fondly to the concept we believe is the ‘secret sauce’ to a successful life of recovery.

What is this Chick-fil-a Sauce you might ask? The practice of GIVING BACK!

At Hope is Alive we believe giving back is where it’s at. It’s giving away what someone gave us that keeps us clean, content and charged up! We believe in this concept so much, we intentionally create opportunities for our residents to share their stories, speak with hurting families, do community service work and help out around our five homes in Oklahoma City.

As you can see from this group of pictures below, the HIA Residents are giving back in a HUGE way. There is no doubt in my mind that each time they choose to get out of themselves and pour into someone else, their recovery is strengthened and their pathway to long-term sobriety becomes a little less bumpy.

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We estimate that over 2000 people were impacted by the HIA residents and their practice of giving back— and that’s just in the last 2 weeks alone! We’re pretty proud of these incredible men and women and can’t wait to see the long-term blessings that will pour out on these willing hearts.

For those of you who support our wonderful cause, we thank you for stepping up and giving back yourself! It’s because of YOU that these second-chance stories can be told.

Each time an HIA Resident stands up to share their story it’s as if you are standing right there beside them, cheering them on.

Each time an HIA Resident steps out to lend a helping hand to a stranger in need, it’s as if you are stepping out with them.

Each time an HIA Resident stoops down to turn a wrench, pick up groceries or clean out a garage, it’s as if you are there sweating & stooping with them.

So thanks for giving back. You have found the HIA Secret Sauce and I pray you are blessed for it.

We couldn’t do this without you. Nor would we want to.

With Hope,



PS. If you feel it’s time for you to give back, click here to get started!

PPS. If you’d like to give back through volunteering, click here. We’ve got TONS of opportunities coming up soon.

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