support programs

HIA Online

This 90-day Online Program is a blend of the three-phase Hope is Alive Recovery Model with a traditional 12-step program to treat drug and alcohol addiction at the root and enable individuals to live a healthy and productive life surrounded by an online community of peers.

Corporate Support Program

Addiction is a cultural epidemic that doesn’t discriminate by social class, income level, job title, or cultural background. Consequently, no age group, race, or gender is immune. As 75% of adults with untreated substance use disorder are a part of the US Workforce, we knew it was imperative that we develop corporate support programming to assist companies in navigating the widespread disease of addiction.

University Support Program

College Students are experiencing life on their own for the very first time; they have new academic pressures and find themselves in new social circles. Whether it’s due to availability, curiosity, peer pressure, stress, or struggles with self-esteem, most college students have an encounter with drugs or alcohol at some point. Moreover, research demonstrates that about half of your student population, faculty, or staff have likely already been impacted by the disease of addiction through a family member or loved one. Hope is Alive is here to partner with your institution to provide both education and support for your students, faculty and staff.

School Support Program

There is no denying that alcohol and drugs find their way into the lives of teens. Current research shows the average age for first-time alcohol or drug use is just thirteen and 9 out of 10 addictions start during the teen years. Many parents may think experimentation with drugs and alcohol is just a harmless phase, but the truth is, that the adolescent brain and body are still developing during these crucial years. Hope is Alive’s School Support Program educates students and serves alongside teachers, parents, and staff to help address the issues with alcohol and drugs head-on.