Team Member Self-Review

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Evaluation Philosophy

● The team member evaluation is a process intended to improve individual and organizational performance. Team members and their team leaders mutually establish goals and objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, and are linked to the goals and objectives of the organization as a whole.
● The information contained in this form is confidential and will only be used for evaluation purposes.

Evaluation Process

There are three distinct phases to the evaluation process:

● Self-Review - Team member reflects on their growth over the past year and describes the success they have experienced over the previous year.
● Leader Review - The team leader who oversees a particular market or team member will conduct a formal performance review and rating.
● Formal Discussion - Meeting between team leader, team member, and person overseeing evaluation to discuss constructive feedback and creating a development plan for the upcoming year ending with setting personal objectives for the new year.

Completing the Performance Management Form

Personal Objectives and Accomplishments

The sections listed on this page are for a self-assessment of the team member’s progress in their own professional lives over the previous year.

The objectives, established jointly by the team leader and team member, should be specific, measurable, and attainable.

At the end of the Personal Objectives and Accomplishments page there will be a space for the team member to write down their own review of all progress made over the previous year.


The rating sections on the third page will be used by the team leader to provide a grade to the team member using a 0-5 scale. After completing the Leader Review, sign and date the review line on the bottom of the form.

During the Formal Discussion, the second page is completed to assess the performance against the goals.

General Information

Performance evaluation is a process to encourage communication between team leaders and team members. Therefore, discussions regarding performance should be conducted frequently.

Either the team member or team leader can initiate discussions on changing the Team Member Evaluation goals when organization conditions need change. Note changes on the review form.

Change in Reporting Structure and New Hires

If there is a change in the reporting structure, the team leader and team member must document progress made toward the goals in the review section of the form. The discussion and documentation must be completed within two weeks of the change. A defining meeting must be held with a new employee within two weeks of the hire or transfer date.

Additional Questions

Contact your team leader or human resources if you have any questions regarding this process or form.
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