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Meet The Team!
Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who have experienced the impact of addiction firsthand.

Executive Leadership Team

Lance Lang

Executive Director

Allyson Lang

Chief Operations Officer

Central Office

Scott Holland (Alumni)

Operations Manager

Gizelle Failla

Executive Assistant

Darcie Stephens

Office Manager

Erica Fenton

Administrative Assistant

Program Operations Team

Amanda White (Alumni)

Regional Program Director

Jesse Vobornik (Alumni)

Regional Program Director

Grant Green (Alumni)

Regional Program Director

Dakota Enterline (Alumni)

Director of Assets

Lauren Agee (Alumni)

Senior Program Manager

Brian Shaw (Alumni)

NC Program Manager

Nathaniel Demuth

Wichita Program Manager

Julie Black

Executive Assistant

Julie Quinlan (Alumni)

Wichita Program Manager

Hunter Stutts

NW Arkansas Program Manager

Chase Pfeifer

OKC Program Manager

Lori Reese

Tulsa Program Manager

Mark West

Weatherford Program Manager

Brett Mills

Tulsa Program Manger

Evan Chaudoin

KC Program Manager

Whitney Wood (Alumni)

KC Program Manager

Jon Michael Han

Claremore Program Manager

Community Development Team

Zach Schemmer (Alumni)

Community Development Director

Andrew Bursch (Alumni)

Senior Community Development Coordinator

Eric Morris (Alumni)

Senior Community Outreach Coordinator

John Schemmer (Alumni)

Tulsa Community Outreach Coordinator

Garrison Getchell

Wichita Community Outreach Coordinator

Jordan Domek

NWA Community Outreach Coordinator

Ari Patchen

Community Development Coordinator

Jackson Griffith

OKC Community Outreach Coordinator

Media & Marketing Team

Michael Griffin

Video Director

Sean Fitzpatrick

Media Coordinator

Phillip Kindschi (Alumni)

Graphic Design

Family Outreach Team

Christy Martin (Alumni)

Recruiting Coordinator

Amy LaRue

Finding Hope Coordinator

Matthew Schane

Recruiting Coordinator