Elements Behavioral Health

Elements Behavioral Health fills the gaps in alcohol and drug addiction treatment by creating unique programs in unique environments. We partner with clients, their family members and other treatment providers to understand which needs aren’t being adequately addressed, and then develop programs that are carefully designed to meet those needs.

We delve under the surface into the complex issues that contribute to addictive and self-defeating patterns. Whether you’re struggling with emotional trauma, grief or loss, addiction, depression or anxiety, eating disorders or intimacy disorders, we have a highly effective treatment program that addresses everything that stands between you and lifelong recovery.

We’ve taken addiction and mental health treatment out of the hospital environment and moved it into welcoming, private settings where you’ll feel right at home. Our treatment centers are located all over the U.S. in diverse venues ranging from luxurious beachside retreats on both coasts and a ranch in Tennessee to outpatient clinics throughout Texas and private homes in the mountains and high desert of the Southwest. Whichever one you choose, you will receive personalized, clinically sophisticated treatment, exceptional care, and ongoing support for long-term recovery.

For more information, please contact

Chuck Robinson, National Director of Christian Programming and Outreach

(405) 823-1356

[email protected]