Rob’s Ranch

The Rob’s Ranch Addiction Treatment Program focuses on the time-tested, proven model of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our treatment program provides our men the best care available in the addiction recovery community. Our curriculum offers a full spectrum of teaching, counseling, and life-building methods that keeps our residents engaged, interested, and excited about learning and living in recovery. Our daily schedule employs a variety of settings to foster our treatment environment.

The Rob’s Ranch staff recognizes from personal experience, academic research, and years of work in treating the disease of addiction, that it is very much a family disease that affects most loved ones around the alcoholic/drug addict. The disease of addiction accompanied with substance abuse always leaves a string of harmed and broken relationships that only a Christ-centered, spiritual recovery program can heal. We also know from experience that such healing is quite attainable with a focus on God’s power in the family and His solution of a spiritually-based 12 step program for the alcoholic/ drug addict. Throughout each man’s stay we encourage his spouse, parents, children, and loved ones to communicate with our counselors.