Santé is an adult, male and female, dual diagnosis, treatment center, specializing in Substance Use Disorders, Process/Behavioral Addictions, Compulsive Behaviors, Trauma Related Issues, Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorders, and Eating Disorders. Sante’s high caliber of clinical staff, frequency of 1:1’s, and multi-faceted treatment modalities give the Sante’ team the ability to work with multiple clients’ issues during their extensive treatment. The chance of relapse after treatment is dramatically less when patients remain until treatment is complete. This comprehensive approach to treating many of their issues while at Sante’ reduces the likelihood of any significant issues remaining that may interfere in their recovery.

Sante’ provides full medical detox on-site. We are fully staffed with an experienced and educated medical staff that understands all aspects of addiction and mental health disorders. Sante’ incorporates a 12-step foundation (spiritual path) and the disease model. Our integrated therapies incorporate CBT approaches as well as intense individual and group therapy, EMDR, neurobiofeedback and brain mapping. Our experiential therapies include psychodrama, ropes courses, equine-assisted therapy, yoga, massage, art and music therapy. Our solution-based strategies include life stories, genograms, family of origin work, grief, loss, and trauma work as well as relapse prevention education. Levels of care include Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Transitional Living and Professional Assessment Programs.

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  • Linda Morgan, 940-395-8311