You’ll Never Regret It

I don’t know about you, but there are some things I’ve done in my past that I regret. Some decisions I’ve made, people I’ve associated with and words I’ve said that have add up to a bundle of “things I wish I’d never done.”

But sobriety has given me the gift of a life free from regret and filled with satisfaction! I was reminded of this last week when I watched the incredible Story of Hope from Colin K., one of our 2016 HIA Graduates.

During his closing statement he says this….

“If I could tell one person considering moving into HIA on thing, I’d tell them it’s the best decision they could ever make, it will change their life and they will NEVER REGRET IT!”

If you haven’t had the privilege of watching this powerful story, watch it now.

Here’s the deal, God is using Hope is Alive to help men move from a life of regrets to a life of restoration. We are privileged to watch as boys become men, absent fathers step back into their kids’ lives and lifelong dreams become realities in just a matter of months.

Radical life change is happening at HIA.

Will you join us to help take our mission further?

Today, by simply signing up to play or sponsor in our golf tournament you can help us change lives! The tournament is Sept 9th at Surrey Hills Golf Club and all the proceeds will go to helping grow our Men’s Mentoring Program. By doing this, countless more stories of life change will take place and hundreds of families will be restored.

It’s easy; you can sponsor the tournament for as low as $250 by clicking here


You can play in the tournament individually or with a 4-person team by clicking here.

By choosing to step into something greater than yourself, you instantly become a part of the solution. And when you do that, I promise, you won’t regret it!

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