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Bible Reading Plans for Addicts

Hope is Alive – 10 Day Reading Plan: Are you struggling to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction? Have you relapsed and are looking for a way to jumpstart your recovery? Have you recently found sobriety and need practical tools to help you build a firm foundation for your recovery journey? If yes is your answer to any of these questions, then this 10 devotional and reading plan is perfect for you. Join me as we venture to keep hope alive!

Ten years ago, Lance Lang was a hopeless addict, willing to use anyone or anything, just so he could use. But God intervened and Lance began a miraculous journey to rehab, recovery, and restoration. In Ten Years Sober, Lance tells his story, while also imparting spiritual lessons he’s learned along the way. Check out this ten day reading plan to find the steps you can take to reclaim your hope.

Finding Hope Book

Worry. Fear. Pain. You think something might be wrong with your loved one—your son or daughter, your husband or wife, your mom or dad—but you can’t be sure. Can it just be a phase they’re going through, or can it be something worse? Can it even be addiction? Finding Hope was written with you in mind. Starting from diagnosing whether your loved one has a problem with addiction and taking you all the way through treatment and beyond, Lance Lang has created this field manual to help both you and your loved one get the help you both need. Packed with useful information, practical steps you can take, and encouraging interviews, Finding Hope is your foundational resource for navigating the traumatic upheaval of addiction.

Finding Hope Bible Reading Plans

Losing a loved one to addiction brings a range of emotions from shame to regret to agonizing sorrow. This bible plan will help you process your grief and move forward on the journey of healing and restoration. By walking through grief in the light of God’s Word, we can begin to find strength, purpose, peace, and HOPE in the midst of our circumstances.
When you love someone addicted to drugs or alcohol you feel all alone, you blame yourself, and lose all hope. You find yourself in the middle of a terrible storm and wonder if you will ever get out. This bible plan will help guide you through the storm of your loved ones’ addiction for you to know that you are not alone, it’s not your fault, and there is HOPE!

When you love someone addicted to drugs or alcohol you feel all alone, you blame yourself, and lose all hope. It is easy to get trapped in the storm and forget about the promises of God. This bible plan will help guide you through God’s promises for you and your loved one as you navigate this storm called addiction.


From the world of Hope is Alive Ministries, join us each week as we meet with those who have a story to tell. Whether you are a resident of the HIA Program, a family member of one of our residents, a current or future supporter of HIA, or most importantly if you are the parent of someone struggling with addiction, our hope is that these stories will bring you strength and hope in your journey.

Join Amy LaRue as she dives into what it looks like to truly Find Hope. As the Finding Hope Coordinator for Hope is Alive Ministries, Amy knows firsthand what it’s like to love someone in addiction and recovery. Join her as she talks with guests who are on the same walk as her, and even some incredible individuals who have themselves fought through battles with addiction. Do you have a loved one lost in the web of addiction? This podcast will give you the help and resources needed as you begin a recovery for yourself.