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our mission

We are Radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that love them.

Meet Lance & Allyson Lang

Our Founders & Executive Leadership Team

Our Founders have an incredible story of love, restoration, and radical recovery. Meeting in 2009, their quick engagement was just as quickly ended when the depths of Lance’s addiction were made public. 

As Lance started recovering from his drug addiction and alcoholism, Ally began to realize she needed recovery from the relationship trauma that comes with loving an addict. In early 2013, with a dream in his heart, Lance began looking at homes to start Hope is Alive and Ally was there with him every step of the way.

Today, Lance and Ally serve as Co-CEOs at Hope is Alive.

Celebrating ten years of life change

Our HIA Board Members

Thomas Hill – Chairman

Davis Hudiburg – Vice Chair

Clint Chamberlain – Member

Jim Webb – Member

Carol Bass – Member

Susan Diffee – Member

Ryan Campbell

Jeni Ward

Ben Schell

Chelsi Graves

Cindy Stewart

Jeremy Howell

Kellie Greenhaw

Trey Whitley

Anna Brown

Chase Dewey

Chelsea Green

Danielle Campbell

Dawson Hendricks

Jack Lemon

Kristen Adams

Michael Kraft

Shelby Byrd

Shelby Lippert

Shelby Hathaway

Craig Pineda
Matt Ruotolo
Destini Tocci
Nancy Hutchinson
James Hutchinson
John McLaughlin

AJ Krow

Kevin Eldridge

Steve Bustos

Erica Bustos

Taylor Foran

Miranda Kilbride

Bob Rhoads

Kendal Rhoads

Renita Powell

Eugene Krause

Karyn Krause

Kathy Roller

Corey Calico

Stephanie Calico

Brittany Greenwood – Co-Chair

Mike Guillen

Jerry Ferguson

Natasha Koski

Leslie McCrary

Adam Akins

Bree Akins,

Chase Killingsworth

Nate Gormley

Matthew Smith

Kris Darrah

Chris Goss

Tia Noxon

Parker Dane

Tamara Anderson

Mark Lindsted

Mike Eilert

Shari Smith

Norm Duncan

Mike Hearne

Josie Smith

Lindy Robinson

JC Hardee,

John Davis

Kristen Cook

Steve Ritchey

Travis Burt

Debbie Peel

Diane Howard

John Moore

Josh Aycock

Stacy Gaskins

Gary Foote

Earl Stephenson
Chance Fitzgerald
Wes Magill
Darryl Penner
Katie Ramirez
Krisha Shantz
Preston Belt
Carrie Schmidt
Dakota Marsh

Joe Hirleman

Dennis Hoff

Derek Hamilton

Kim Dudgeon

Jim Dudgeon

Jeff McCubbins

Chris Sessions

Keely Bobeck

Shane Edwards,

Robbi Edwards