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Radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those who love them.


To radically change the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that love them.


A program in which 100% of our graduates are still sober for the rest of their lives, where we have homes all across the United States in which our graduates lead these programs, and lead men/women to long term sobriety each and every day.

Where our men/women have changed the face of recovery worldwide. Where each of our graduate’s stories have been told thousands of times, written about and followed by other men/women like an instruction manual to radical life change.

The Hope is Alive Program is a responsible for millions of months of sobriety, and thousands of lives saved. We will redefine the way people get and stay sober. We will radically change the way, on a basic level, humans interact with each other, always offering grace and kindness, but not backing down on holding others accountable.

Hope is Alive Aligning Values


“We will do anything we can to help others find HOPE!”


“We bring the hope with us.”


“We are sold out to the CALLING on our lives.”


“We add up from all sides.”


“We will lead the way & we will leave our mark.”


“We are always ready for more.”

Hope is Alive Sustaining Attributes


“We give up what we know and love for the mission of Hope is Alive.”


“We give nothing but the best.”


“We are willing & humble, ready to learn from every situation.”


“We live our life like no one else does, to earn the assurance that no one else does.”


“We are unmistakably & unashamedly dedicated to the mission of HIA.”


“We bounce back, we get up, we FIGHT!”

Our Founders

Lance & Ally Lang

Our Founders have an incredible story of love, restoration, and radical recovery. Meeting in 2009, their quick engagement was just as quickly ended when the depths of Lance’s addiction was made public. As Lance started recovering from his drug addiction and alcoholism, Ally began to realize she needed recovery from the relationship trauma that comes with loving an addict. In early 2013, with a dream in his heart, Lance began looking at homes to start Hope is Alive and Ally was there with him every step of the way.

Later that year, when Lance released his first book, Hope is Alive, it was Ally who planned and pulled off the “Launch Party”. A few months later, making good on a promise from God, Lance began planning for the first ever Night of Hope event. Planned by… you guessed it; Ally.

By the Summer of 2015, Lance and Ally had fully rekindled and restored their relationship and had their eyes set on a life together, but God had one more BIG surprise in-store. Through her daily devotionals God began speaking to Ally about joining the ministry in a full-time capacity. God was calling her to open the first HIA Women’s Home, and in December of that year, that’s what she did.

Since Allyson officially joined the HIA team in 2015, Hope is Alive has exploded, opening thirteen homes in less than four years. Today Hope is Alive has eighteen homes serving over 175 residents!

Lance and Ally Lang provide vision and leadership to the entire Hope is Alive team. Ally’s unique recovery story and never-ending energy makes her the perfect leader for the HIA Mentoring Homes Program. While Lance’s business background and passion for radical life-change perfectly suits him to oversee the development, outreach, central office and marketing areas of the ministry.

Today, the fruit of Lance and Ally’s relationship and story is evident in the hundreds of lives that have been changed through Hope is Alive Ministries. They lead our tribe well and for that we are so grateful.

Program Operations Team

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Amanda White
(HIA Graduate)

OKC Program Director

Grant Green 

OKC Program Manager

Jesse Vobornik
(HIA Graduate)

Tulsa Program Manager

Riley Hancock
(HIA Graduate)

OKC Program Manager

Tierra Mythen
(HIA Graduate)

Tulsa Program Manager

Lauren Agee
(HIA Graduate)

OKC Program Manager

Brian Shaw

NC Program Manager

Benny Justice
(HIA Graduate)

Weatherford Program Manager

Dakota Enterline
(HIA Graduate)

Asset &  Maintenance Manager

Nathaniel Demuth

Wichita Program Manager

Julie Quinlan

Wichita Program Manager

Hunter Stutts

OKC Program Manager

Chase Pfeifer

OKC Program Manager

Lori Reese

OKC Program Intern

Mark West

OKC Program Intern

Central Office Team

Scott Holland
(HIA Graduate)

Operations Manager

Darcie Stephens

Office  Manager

Gizelle Failla

Executive Assistant

Julie Black

Executive Assistant

Media & Marketing Team

Sean Fitzpatrick

Media Coordinator

Mike Griffin

Video Director

Phillip Kindschi

Graphic Design

Community Development Team

Blake Wieland
(HIA Graduate)

Director of Development

Zach Schemmer
(HIA Graduate)

Community Development Director

Andrew Bursch

Community Outreach Coordinator- OKC

John Schemmer

Communituy Outreach Coordinator- Tulsa

Eric Morris

Community Outreach Coordinator- North Carolina

Grrison Getchell

Community Outreach Coordinator- Wichita

Jordan Domek

Community Outreach Coordinator- Northwest Arkansas

Ari Patchen

Communituy Outreach Intern

Family Outreach Team

Chelsea Williams
(HIA Graduate)

Family Outreach Coordinator

Amy Larue

Finding Hope Coordinator

Christy Martin

Recruting Coordinator

Advisory Boards

Adam Albright

Oklahoma City

Tommy Tubbs

Oklahoma City

Ann Tubbs

Oklahoma City 

Toby Walker

Oklahoma City

David Dahlgren

Oklahoma City

Kay Oliver

Oklahoma City

Jennifer Oliver

Oklahoma City

Karen Cunningham

Oklahoma City

Allison Biggs


Beth Howard


Deanna Herrin


Jan Keim


Jerry Ferguson


Nancy Dees


Mike Guillen


Terry Keim


Kris Darrah


Emily Perrone


Brian Perrone


Jessica Coleman


Derek Walden


Vanida Thongrasamy


Zac Werhan


Adam Albright

Oklahoma City

Executive Board

Robert Kellogg


Thomas Hill

Vice Chair

Davis Hudiburg


Jonathan Middlebrooks


Steve Mackey


Jennifer Oliver


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