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Finding Hope

Radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those who love them.

What can Finding Hope do for you?

Are you looking for answers?

Are you looking for a place to find education, inspiration and a community of others that are dealing with the same issues? If so, Hope is Alive Ministries wants to invite you to attend our family support groups, called “Finding Hope”. Each week you will have the opportunity to learn more about addiction, find tools to the help those you love and find hope to help you as you journey down this treacherous road. Don’t miss this opportunity to find the HOPE you’ve been searching for.

A Field Guide for Families Affected by Addiction

Worry. Fear. Pain. You think something might be wrong with your loved one—your son or daughter, your husband or wife, your mom or dad—but you can’t be sure. Can it just be a phase they’re going through, or can it be something worse? Can it even be addiction? Finding Hope was written with you in mind.

Finding Hope Locations

North OKC

  • 6:30pm
  • Quail Springs Baptist Church
  • 2nd and 4th Tuesdays

Putnam City

  • 6:30pm
  • Putnam City Baptist Church
  • 1st and 3rd Mondays
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  • 6:30pm
  • Evergreen Baptist Church
  • 1st and 3rd Thursdays


  • 6:30pm
  • FBC Jenks
  • 2nd and 4th Wednesdays


  • 6:30pm
  • Central Christian Church
  • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

How has Finding Hope impacted your life?

Here’s what some people said:

Finding Hope has helped us learn how to get off the roller coaster our son was on and how to stay off of it! God has used HIA to help keep me sane!


This class has been a lifesaver for me and my family! The title is exactly what it offers! HOPE! I was drowning in fear and hopelessness before going to this class!


The journey with our addict, was lonely and shame filled. Participation in Finding Hope has given my husband and me the resources, education, encouragement, and support that we have long needed. We feel more empowered with the tools shared and the prayer support given.


Finding Hope helped us to realize that it’s okay to come out of that dark cave that parents end up in. We were scared, lonely, lost all hope, ashamed & full of guilt. If you are thinking of going to Finding Hope, please go! There are many of us & we all NEED EACH OTHER to start the healing process & understanding our Addicts.


Finding Hope changed the way I look at Zach. I now look at the disease and not him. That wasn’t my boy that was the awful disease destroying him from the inside out. Just to be around people who were going through the same thing and were coming out of it gave me hope. Hope that if he didn’t get better his father and I would get better no matter what he did. All the tools this class has given us we will always have. Today our faith is stronger and I can feel we are all on the right track now!


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