PM Bootcamp

April 15th - May 10th

The Hope is Alive Boot Camp is an opportunity for individuals to gain a deep understanding of the HIA Culture and Values, while also developing spiritually, personally, and professionally.

This boot camp is open to ANYONE looking for a career with Hope is Alive as a Program Manager!

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to be an HIA Program Manager
  • Get up close and personal experience and training
  • Ask questions, seek advice, and grow to new levels
  • Develop close relationships with other team members
  • Attend all HIA staff meetings and events
  • Classroom teaching and interactive hands-on training

What is it?

5-week paid Boot Camp in Oklahoma City

30 hours weekly

What is required?

Acceptance and completion of the HIA PM Bootcamp is not a guarantee of future employment with HIA. However, this program will prepare you holistically for future opportunities within the organization. In addition, an internship opportunity can be extended to you for up to three months at a time, if mutually agreed upon by both HIA and the intern (YOU). If at any time you do not keep up with your own HIA Program (as a resident) you can be asked to leave the HIA PM Boot Camp.