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This 90-day Online Program is a blend of the three-phase Hope is Alive Recovery Model with a traditional 12-step program to treat drug and alcohol addiction at the root and enable individuals to live a healthy and productive life surrounded by an online community of peers.

A creative way to help more people find long-lasting recovery

Lance and Allyson Lang

An individual suffering from substance use or alcohol use disorder needs treatment to break free from the bondage of addiction. However, one of main obstacles when seeking help is the ability for an individual to balance personal obligations (i.e. work, family, school, etc), while also successfully participating in a recovery program. Taking time off of work to live residentially in a treatment center isn’t a viable option for everyone, which is why we worked to create the 90-day HIA Online Recovery Program. We desire that every individual struggling with addiction has the opportunity to experience healing and radical life change. 

Similar to the program Hope is Alive provides residents in their Mentoring Homes, HIA Online will offer full-time “Program Guides” to walk with each participant. The guides will meet weekly with each participant, outlining their objectives, lead twice weekly group meetings, facilitate drug testing, and much more. 

“When we started dreaming of this, we kept thinking about all the people who are struggling, but can’t afford to leave their families or jobs. Our hearts break for the addicted single parent who wants to change but is solely responsible for raising their kids. Or the professional who can’t quit drinking, but is about to lose their job if they don’t get help. We must try and understand the plight of addicted people more and work to find creative solutions that will actually help them recover, not make it harder.”  – Ally and Lance Lang 

About the Program

The HIA Online Program is perfect for any individual that has work, family, or school obligations that prevent them from seeking in-patient help. It’s for the parent who needs help but has children they can’t leave. It’s for the working professional who can’t afford to take a leave of absence. It’s for the person who’s suffering privately and isn’t ready to open up publicly about their struggle to get the help they know they desperately need.

  • Hope is Alive Recovery Curriculum
  • 12-Step Substance Abuse Facilitation 
  • 12-Step Process Addiction Facilitation 
  • Group Processing 
  • Emotional Sobriety 
  • Personal Program Guide 
  • Relapse Prevention & Triggers 
  • Self-Care
  • Roadmap for Lifetime Sobriety 
  • Drug-Testing
  • The time commitment is only six hours every week for ninety days, and you’ll do it all from the comfort of your very own home

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