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At HIA, it’s not just about overcoming addiction, we are focused on radically changing your life!

If you jump into the program and are willing to do what’s asked of you, you will find that Radical Life Change we talk about so much here. We believe in a strong, structured and fun environment to ensure long term sobriety. That’s how we facilitate Radical Life Change, one day at a time, in our crazy beautiful homes. We will meet you where you are, unpack all the baggage of the past and guide you to a life you never thought was possible. We promise you this, if you give all you’ve got to this program, you won’t recognize your life when you graduate!

Our Theory

Of Change

Ten years of life change




Flexible Schedule: Our schedule allows for you to work full-time, go back to school, or volunteer your time. With in-house HIA Meetings several nights a week, and quality twelve-step clubhouses a short drive away, everything you need to overcome your addiction is right at your fingertips.


With 25 homes across 12 cities, we can help you find the right location for your Radical Life Change to begin. We all know that a fresh start can really make a huge difference. At HIA, we are looking to give you the best chance to change your life; sometimes that happens in a brand-new city. 


HIA Recovery Curriculum: We can promise you this, you will not find our curriculum anywhere else in the world. The work you do in our three phase program is special, specific to Hope is Alive and life changing. You will quickly discover things about yourself you have never realized and be given the tools to heal your core wounds, develop life skills and ultimately live a life of freedom… FOREVER.


HIA Residents receive one-of-a-kind experiences throughout their time in our program. Including ski trips, float trips lake weekends, crazy cool retreats, give back weekends, tons of chances to tell your story, intentional connections with spiritual, financial & professional mentors, weekly engagement with community volunteers who drop by the homes with meals & encouragement, and an instant family where you will feel like you are known, needed, and valued!

Lead by HIA Grads:
The Hope is Alive Program is led by Hope is Alive Graduates. This means we get it. We understand what it’s like to live in the homes, walk thru our curriculum and most importantly we have seen the results in our own life. We are here to help walk you through the most transformational program in the nation.


Lifelong Friendships:
We understand that our journey in addiction is lonely and isolated. At HIA you will find friendships that will last a lifetime. From the moment you walk into our homes you will be greeted with love, kindness and acceptance. 

When you graduate from the Hope is Alive program you immediately become part of yet another family, the Alumni Family. Led by a full-time Alumni Coordinator, graduates of the HIA Program are offered monthly meetings, planned outings for you and your family, yearly retreats and so much more. We all stay connected celebrating major life milestones, sobriety birthdays, belly buttons birthday, all the good stuff that sobriety gives us!

The HIA Difference

Hope Is Alive Program
Standard Sober Living


During my time at HIA, I grew closer to Jesus. I learned that my past doesn’t define me. I realized my past could be used to help others who have an addiction problem. Hope is Alive saved my life. Even after graduating, I’m staying connected. The alumni association is great. Most of all, I’m truly a radically changed life.
HIA Alumni 2023
Hope is Alive not only saved my physical life but also saved my spiritual life. Before coming to HIA, I had tried everything that was asked of me, except having a relationship with God. I had some mighty HIA prayers and love. As I was learning about myself and working in the HIA program, I began to see the times in my life that I thought were coincidences were really miracles of God! I thank God for HIA every day!
HIA Alumni 2022
At HIA I went from a life of sobriety to a life of growth. It’s been seven years since I graduated from the program, and in that time the gifts of sobriety have continued to show up in my life. By the end of 2022, I became a business owner, as well as a new father.
HIA Alumni 2015



Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa, OK
Claremore, OK
Weatherford, OK
Wichita, KS
Overland Park, KS
Kansas City, MO
CO Springs, CO
Morehead City, NC
Greenville, NC
Hubert, NC
  • Residents will attend at least 3 meetings a week
  • Mandatory Sunday Night Meetings
  • Residents will be actively involved in a local church
  • Residents will meet in-house mentor once a month
  • Residents will have a Monday night Bible Study

Colorado & DFW Costs:
Move-in Cost: $750
Cost includes a $250 non-refundable deposit.

Monthly Rent : $750
Rent is due at the 1st of every month

All Other Homes Costs:
Move-in Cost: $750
Cost includes a $250 non-refundable deposit.

Monthly Rent : $650
Rent is due at the 1st of every month

The majority of the rooms in our homes have two beds.

Our program is tailored to your unique needs and can be completed in a year to 18 months.

Our Residents are drug tested with 16 panel, top of the line drug tests upon move in and continue to be tested consistently and randomly throughout their stay at HIA

We do, in your first 30 days we ask you attend 30 AA or similar meetings and work the 12 steps with a sponsor within the first six months.

Our rooms come with a bed, all new bedding, dresser, nightstand and lamp. Depending on the house, you will have about 4 feet of hanging space and a three to four drawer dresser. In the kitchen, all space is clearly defined for each Resident.

Yes, we ask that you get a full time job within the first three weeks of moving into an HIA Mentoring Home.

We have three required meetings a week at HIA. Sunday Night Meeting, Monday night Bible Study and HIA Wednesday Meeting. All HIA Meetings start at 6:30pm.

  • Bible
  • Food & Drinks (Non-Alcoholic) of your choice
  • Hangers
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Towels
  • Personal Bathroom Supplies
  • Personal clothing for a month

We have separate men’s and women’s homes.