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What Residents Are Saying...

"Hope is Alive has given me my family and faith back. It has also given me a whole new family of women! It's radically changed my life!"


"I am finally sober, surrounded, and, saved! HIA has turned me into a confident God fearing man!"


HIA has shown me how to be a mother again! It has also shown me to lean on women for support and how to have a relationship with Jesus!"


"I thought I was just signing up for a sober living home, but what I actually found through HIA was my eternal home with my Heavenly Father."


"HIA has brought me back hope for my future. I was alone and afraid of where my life was going. I was in treatment when Zach and Lance came to visit me, they picked me up and brought me home. My life has never been the same since. I've found brothers who accept me for who I am and keep me pushing towards a better future for my family."


"HIA culture has given me strength through fellowship with like minded people. Having opportunities to share my testimony with those still struggling with addiction, gives me purpose, and helps keep my focus on Jesus and others before myself! Because of that, today I am full of joy!"


We get addiction. We understand the shame, brokenness and family turmoil it causes. We get to watch all of this fade away, daily, at Hope is Alive. We are a tribe of recovering junkies, drug addicts and alcoholics who have found a new life. A life worth living, abundantly. Our homes are created for the comeback story. The men and women ready for something more, a life surrounded, a life renewed and a lifetime clean and sober. JOIN US!


We do recovery differently. We have a unparalleled three phase program that facilitates total recovery, in every area of our residents lives. Our residents will complete over 60 items to graduate the Hope is Alive Program. Our Phase Program is intentional, accountable and allows our Residents to rebuild their lives with a firm foundation in sobriety. If you want a different way of living then, WELCOME HOME!

Three Phase Program:

  • Sponsor attained
  • 90 meetings in 90 days
  • Complete steps One-Twelve of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Job working more than 25 hours a week.
  • Find church home and attend weekly.
  • Save 10% of income.
  • Find and work with mentors.
  • Complete steps One-Twelve of Process Addiction
  • Read entire New Testament
  • Sponsor one person through the 12 Steps
  • Manager of HIA Home
  • Chair a meeting at minimum 4 times
  • Pay own rent on time
  • Pursue secondary training or education for occupation
  • Read 3 HIA-approved books in each phase
  • Check in daily with your HIA and Sponsor
  • History of honesty

We believe in giving our residents insanely beautiful homes to live in. Our next level program means next level housing. YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE LIVING HERE!

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How The Application Process Works:

  • 1 Apply online filling out the appropriate form below.
  • 2 Interview with Program Manager.
  • 3 Schedule Your Move-In Date!